Our Professional Staff

Our experienced providers are committed to a high standard of patient care and are here for you throughout every stage of your hearing journey.

Who We Are

We understand choosing a hearing care provider is a big decision. At Professional Hearing Clinic, our number one priority is delivering exceptional patient care. Our staff is well-trained on a variety of services ranging from evaluations to treatment.

We believe great care includes establishing great relationships with our patients. Treating hearing loss is an ongoing process that requires regular follow-ups, maintenance and cleanings to keep you hearing your best. Our staff is here to support you not only during your initial visit but throughout your entire journey to better hearing.

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Our Providers

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Adam Kettlewell


With years of dispensing experience Mr. Kettlewell has a wealth of knowledge and experience in fitting hearing aids from nearly all manufacturers. He is a board certified hearing instrument specialist and stays up to date with cutting edge hearing aid technology. His ability to find to correct custom hearing solution for each patient is second to none. He also specializes in hearing aid connectivity, which allows users to integrate easy to use technology to connect phones, television and other media to the latest hearing devices!

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Dr. Jennifer McGowen Au.D.


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Anna R. Parish, H.I.S

Hearing Instrument Specialist

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Gregory Mundie, H.I.S.

Hearing Instrument Specialist

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John Parmenter, H.I.S.

Hearing Instrument Specialist